Austia – the Kingdom of Austia is home to many nobles, but only one king. Just whom that King may be, however, is a subject of some debate.

Fallia – the Shogunate of Fallia is home to many ancient traditions. Their military leaders rule with a firm, but fair hand.

Raustauk – the technologically advanced Empire of Raustauk are a proud, nationalist people. The Emperor is a man of singular intelligence and vision, and an inventor of great renown. And he has his sights set on lands beyond Raustauk’s borders.

Tugoria – the Southern Barbarians of Tugoria live in a swampy, lizard ridden region.

Gidean – the southern autocracy, home to the university of Gidean.

Gildain – the southern kingdom of Gildain, now lost to the sands of the ever expanding desert, it’s king betrayed, his gun-knights scattered, their advanced blackpowder technology lost to all but the dwarves.

Ocana – the Nomads of Ocana live among the waves and islands off Midian’s western coastline.


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