Stories are separated in to chapters, each focusing on a different character or group.

Dramatis Persona

Ralin Sparkhawke – warrior, werewolf, monster hunter – born to the barbarian tribes of the north, his village was annihilated and he found himself cursed.
Mya – shapeshifter, thief -

Fel Marco – demon, warrior – bound by a powerful sorcerer for thousands of years in a magical prison, he was only recently released and bound to the service of Moira.
Moira – gunslinger, archaeologist – a researcher looking in to the ancient cycle of destruction that seems to have caused the downfall of numerous ancient civilizations. she fears that the cycle may be about to repeat itself.

Duncan – the tomb robber – a treasure hunter and thief who finds himself robbing a cult devoted to resurrecting and ancient god of destruction.


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