Noble Houses of Austia

House Richter -

House Banner – Rearing black bear with a crimson eye in the center of it’s chest on a field of crimson.

Founding – Saved the life of a king while hunting. When a bear charged, he dove in front of the king and with berserker strength wrestled the bear away. In the fight the founder lost an eye, represented by the bloodshot eye on the house’s sigil.

House Spezr -

House Banner – Emerald scorpion on a field of silver

Founding – The founder was a silver-tongued minstrel who talked his way into an enemy’s keep and left a pair of deadly scorpions in the rival lord’s bed clothes.

House Zeitz -

House Banner – Red rook on a field of forest green

Founding – A priest who was granted a disused redstone tower on a lords land to gather the orphans and needy of the land was granted the tower and the land surrounding when a beleaguered king’s army took refuge in the tower and made a stand against his enemies. The priest offered his healing skills and saved several of the king’s men’s lives.

House Paschen -

House Banner – Grey badger crowned with five bronze stars on a field of brown

Founding -

House Mauzon -

House Banner – Silver squirrel between twinned oaks on a field of navy

Founding -

House Veliz -

House Banner – White moth on a field of violet

Founding -

House Manwaring -

House Banner – Red rose on a gold and white starburst on a field of red

Founding -

House Vanover -

House Banner – Two white doves transfixed by a single black arrow on a field of green and grey

Founding -

House Rhyne -

House Banner – Black crow crowned with a single star sapphire holding a red key in talons on a field of yellow

Founding -

Noble Houses of Austia

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